What is a ChinBag?

You don’t know what a ChinBag is? Sure you do. A ChinBag is charity collection bag, or charity bin bag. You know the bags that are posted through your door with a request to fill them with your unwanted items for later collection.

What is ChinBags.wordpress.com all about?

We get loads of these bags pushed through our letter box, I’ve got nothing against charities collecting things to help them, or against giving things to be recycled or reused in some way, but there is no way we could possibly use all the bags we get. ChinBags.wordpress.com is just a way of recording and sharing with the world the variety and quantity of ChinBags that we receive.

So is there a point to chinbags.wordpress.com?

No. But then you probably didn’t need to be told that did you?

Why do you receive so many ChinBags?

Items put in these bags are rarely go into charity shops, but are usually sold on wholesale for profit and the organsiations putting bags through your door are usually commercial companies which claim to give a proportion of their profits to charity. There is clearly reasonable profits to be made from this trade, and hence the number of bags that are received.

Should I use the ChinBags which come through my door?

That is up to you. But make sure you read the small print about the organisation and work out how much actually gets to charity. Personally I never use them, I prefer to take my things directly to a local charity shop – some charity shops can then even claim GiftAid as well. According to http://www.charitybags.co.uk “on average, over 40 times more money is raised for charity if you take the goods to a charity shop (compared with a collection which pays a ‘royalty’ to the charity of around £75 per tonne of clothes)” [http://www.charitybags.org.uk/clothing_collectors_list.shtml, accessed 07/05/12]

Where can I find out more?

Thanks to a comment below, I am now aware of a website http://www.charitybags.co.uk which takes a much more serious and in-depth look at this issue. Go there and read more about it.

Updated 7th May 2012